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Currently the kickstarter project aiming to translate the German edition of the book „Ultracycling & Bikepacking“ into English is running, to make the knowledge accessible to as many people in the long-distance cycling community as possible.

To make this project happen, you can support by pre-odering your copy of the English edition via kickstarter. And of course, you could also donate or purchase the book with an add-on.

Ultracycling & Bikepacking

This is a book for anyone who is planning to go on a long-distance ride. It doesn’t matter if you are hunting after ambitious new best times or just want to have fun and adventure in the outdoors.

The three pillars of endurance, efficiency, and strategy are used to not only describe the strict training theory of cycling but focus on the special features of long-distance rides, including specific endurance building, prevention of health issues, handling of pain and sleep deprivation, proper nutrition in training and in long-distance cycling, strengthening the mindset, and much more. 

Each subject is presented from a sports science perspective to provide the necessary background along with it. Moreover, the world’s leading athletes are going to give you insights into their very personal strategies and experiences. This includes several 1st places in the “Race Across America”, “The Transcontinental Race”, the “Tour Divide”, and many other renowned events.

Cover Ultracycling & Bikepacking

With Insights from: 

Why your support is needed!

Although long-distance cycling is gaining in popularity, it is still a niche in cycling and sports in general. 

Moreover, this is a scientific book and not the usual book of Ultracycling or Bikepacking. Because those are mainly focusing on the experience of riding these adventures and tell personal stories. 

Consequently, writing this book took almost 4 years of searching through the whole body of literature – covering not only endurance, but also topics like sleep deprivation or pain perception. Add the exclusive interviews, the incorporation of personal insights and the process of writing and illustrating the book and you have a rough understanding of the total amount of work.

Moreover, this is an independent publication – as has already been done with the German edition. So everything is organized by the author and the help of friends, family and freelance support. No big publishing firm in the background.

Why is this relevant?

Because big publishers just want to sell books. Content is not of the utmost importance, as long as the topic is sexy and will sell in bookshops. A scientific approach to a niche sport like long-distance cycling probably is not „sexy“ for them. 

But by enablement via this campaign and your support, the community gets the book it deserves. From an Ultracyclist, for Ultracyclists! 

Tell your friends, and please share this campaign on your social media! Thank you 🙂

Pre-Oder HERE

Veröffentlicht von Stefan

Ultracyclist, Ironman, Medical Fitness and Endurance Coach

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